3 Sleeps until Sporting Life Run!

What day is it?

what day

Seriously?…..Thursday right?

That means only 3 sleeps till the Sporting Life 10K run! There are 6 of us from work running so hopefully the weather doesn’t stays nice! Today is going to be 23C(73F) and tomorrow will be 29C(84F)!!!!!!!


My point is…….Great weather for running! I will head out soon for a 8KM run but unfortunately tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day…..We will see about that!

I did a 6.5 KM run after my 6-6 shift at work yesterday with one of my work partners.

KM Times

KM1-5:43 Pace

KM2-5:47 Pace

KM3-5:51 Pace

KM4-5:35 Pace

KM5-5:37 Pace

KM6-5:34 Pace

.5KM -5:30 Pace

Not bad for after a 12 Hour shift. It was a flat route, zero hills! But it was pretty windy for a couple of KM’s.

I am feeling pretty strong for this run. After this weekend I don’t have another race until June 14, The Nike Woman’s 15KM on Toronto Island! I am really looking forward to this one!

The next two days is going to be busy…..I have tons of cooking, shopping and visiting to do!



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