Mayweather won the pillow fight and we ate a lot of chicken

Yesterday was just a perfect day all around. I was up early and started to prep all my food for the night


I headed out for what was supposed to be a 10km run. It took forever for my mussels to warm up. My hamstrings have been tight lately.

Obligatory pre run selfie

What? Enough with the selfies? Never


I went on the back roads so that I wouldn’t have to worry about traffic lights, the only down side was no sidewalks so I was running through loose gravel on the shoulder of the road the whole time.


Sure did…..Once I warmed up I felt pretty good and when I hit the road I was supposed to take a left at to head home I decided to keep going and make it a 9 mile run……


Seriously….what was I thinking, I started to have second thoughts but it was too late. I haven’t done more then 12km this year and it was an epic fail. I surprised myself and actually felt fine for the rest of the run. I held  6:00 Min KM / 9:40 Min Mile pace …..Meh

When I got back I made some smoothies for Shane and Me, grabbed a power ball and we headed out to get a few last minute things.


By things I mean Booze…….Had to restock…..



I finished up my prep work


Shane helped with the BBQing



Backyard was ready to go……


It was a beautiful evening out but when the sun started to go down it was still a bit chilly. But we lit the patio heaters and it was all good!!


The salsas were a hit. I though we were having between 10-12 people but we ended up with almost 30 people! Yikes…..good thing I always make too much food!



The fight started pretty late 11:30ish……and it SUCKED

Mayweather won be decision…….Terrible fight


By 3 am most people were just leaving …..I cleaned up before I went to bed so I didn’t have to wake up to a mess…..Plus Shane was in the neighbours Hot Tub so I wanted to stay up and make sure he didn’t drown….He has a tendency to fall asleep in random places, and the hot tub after a few drinks is a prime napping opportunity….

Poor fellow!

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