Do you have any Salsa?

Friday was such a beautiful day! KFG and I were actually able to go for a trail run together!

I drove the 15 minutes to her place


The sun was shining and the car windows were definitely down! Summer makes me happy!


We laced up and headed over to the trails that are near her place….


IMG_5110This was KFG while she was still smiling……when we got to the trail I realized I had left my headphone not in the lock position and they were dead!!!! Oops!!



Oh well…..It wasn’t so bad we got to chat that whole time and the run flew by! We planned on using this as our slow steady pace run of the week and it was just that. 59 Minutes for the 10KM but that’s fine. We weren’t watching our speed, we just were happy to be out in the sun getting a bit of a tan and gossiping!!!! I am not sure if KFG was as happy about talking the whole way as I was but too bad!


As soon as the run was done and we were walking back to her place I was fiddling with my headphones some more…..ahhhh….they actually were not dead I was just turning them on wrong!


What? It happens!

I headed to the grocery store to get all my ingredients for the Mayweather Fight. Making Jerk Chicken and Rice with grilled Pineapple, Sweet Smoked Ribs with Apple Cider Baked Beans and 5 Different Salsas!!!

And I will leave you with my favorite Seinfeld Scene




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