Runners Logic: I’m Tired……I Think I’ll Go For A Run

just run

After work today I was exhausted! Even though I only worked 6-2 I was just beyond tired, but I had already planned on doing a 10k when I got home.


I changed out of my uniform at work and into my running clothes so that I didn’t even have to go into the house except to drop off my bag. Because if I sat down even for a minute that run wasn’t happening!


So although I really wanted to pull a Costanza I laced up and headed out into the beautiful afternoon weather!

I am sure you were worried for a second that I wouldn’t post an obnoxiously close selfie! Well have no fear……..I would never forget!
Even though I wasn’t sore after Sunday’s Run, when I set out today I was super stiff and my legs were so tight! I really really need to stretch more….I know it would help my running and just over all be good for me but ugh……I hate stretching…..I have about zero flexibility…….



My first 3km were pretty rough……9:47mile pace…….

From km 3-8 I felt a bit better and averaged  a 9:23mile pace

I was able to finish up the last 2 km at a 8:54mile pace. So not too bad once I loosened up.

My hamstrings, or my Hammy’s right KFG (sorry private joke) were especially tight……it was pretty annoying waiting for them to cooperate.



I was happy I got out there and got the 10 k in, especially with the weather being so amazing! Even had to dig out the sunscreen!


By that I mean I am as pale as a mo-fo after that long ass winter and didn’t feel like burning and peeling like a lizard quite this early in the season!

Working two more days this week  then off Friday-Sunday!!!!


Looking forward to it! Having a backyard get together to watch the Mayweather VS Pacouiao fight….gonna be a good one!


8 thoughts on “Runners Logic: I’m Tired……I Think I’ll Go For A Run

  1. Great post. I actually love that you posted your pace. I’ve been started to train more on my running and I stare my numbers with a confused face thinking “oookkkkaaaayyyy”. This gives me a general idea on where I sit – with no pace runner and no treadmill I’m left with confusion otherwise lol – clearly!


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