Monday can bite me…..and race results

The results from yesterdays race were posted last night. According to the official stats I finished at 53:14 with a pace of 5:20 per km or 8:34 per mile. I finished 9 out of 28 in my age group and 58 out of 183 overall. Not many people ran the 10k compared to the 5k, which had 1500 runners.


We have our next 10k on May 10th. It is a easier course so I am hoping to hit 50-51 minutes……



I ended up staying up too late last night and went to work with about 4 hours of broken sleep. And believe me it was not a pretty sight. Thank goodness it was just a 6-2 shift. After chugging 3 coffees I was still falling asleep on my way home.

pass out

Made it home, showered and made tomorrows lunches and then passed out on the couch for almost 2 hours…..and I am NOT a napper usually.


Here is a visual for you of me napping…….It helps with the storyline…….trust me….


No shit…….Thanks

Today was a rest day. The weather all week looks amazing and I can not wait to get some runs in. Trail run tomorrow after work with Julie!

Me and Julie on our last run together

Pretty sure the trails will be a lot better then a couple weeks ago when we were on them.

P.S. I Hate Monday’s…… Just sayin


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