TGIS…..Just Kidding, I work this weekend!


I always get caught up in everyone’s TGIF posts on Facebook and Instagram….but every other weekend I get a reality check when I realise I have to work Saturday and Sunday….booo…..hissss…..fml and all that other shit….Although this weekend isn’t so bad because I took Sunday off for the 10K run…..Just have to get through today!

Usually at work I run around all day like a lunatic but Friday I literally sat on my caboose all day……..


Yep…..I didn’t do anything but stare at a computer screen all day….for 12 hours! It wasn’t supposed to be a run day as I like to take 2 days off before a race, but 12 hours parked in a chair and I was stir crazy. Sitting in traffic for 1.5 hours just made me want to run even more……I really effin hate traffic……I know everyone says that but I have a special kind of hate for rush hour……

rush hour

Ha….get it?……..


Decided to go for a quick 5 k when I got home. I wasn’t planning on anything fancy….just get out and stretch my legs a bit!

Even though it was windy (again) and a bit chilly…….I just figured get out there and do it….I kept telling myself this…….regretKilled it! It was a great run….First 2.5 km were into that psycho wind that has been hanging around here lately….but on the way wack…….bliss!  Here are my KM times

KM 1-6:00MIN, KM 2-5:49MIN, KM 3-5:35MIN, KM4- 5:14MIN, KM5-4:46MIN……

Here I am all happy with myself! …….A glass of wine was definitely in order!
  In other news! My nephew Lincoln turns 1 today! (What does this have to do with running/healthy eating/whatever else in hell I talk about on here…..nothing….he is just so darn cute I had to share!)


Hello Handsome


Lincoln and my other nephew Cooper (He’s 2) They are so friggin cute!


Lincolns Birthday Cupcakes…..Love this!

Also have to brag up my Goddaughter! It was picture day for Dance yesterday! What a doll! (She is actually the scariest 4 year old I have ever met but whatever she is gorgeous in pictures!)This kid is beyond hilarious……..


Anywho…….Sunday is race day…..its put up or shut up……Can’t wait to see how it goes!!

shut up

Thanks tips……It’s too late for that!
QUESTION: I need new songs for a playlist ! Any suggestions ????

9 thoughts on “TGIS…..Just Kidding, I work this weekend!

  1. Workin’ on the weekend again … that’s just crazy talk lol 😛 and new songs hmmmm “Animals” by Maroon 5, “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy, and “Empty Words” by Christina Aguilera


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