After my 10k run and Domesticated business….and some WIAW, I still had time/energy to get a few more things done.

As mentioned I had some closet cleaning to get done…….what a freaking mess. I am such a pack rat sometimes…..You wouldn’t know it by looking at 90% of my house…..just do NOT look in my Bedroom Closet, Car Truck or Purse! For some reason I can not keep these three places organized! 2 hours and two garbage bags out later…..and now I know for sure……


I need to go shopping!

I also was craving some vegetable soup……


I cooked down some onions, garlic and spices……


Added some celery and peppers and a jar or my homemade tomato sauce……


Once all cooked I put it in the blender and pureed until smooth, and then put back in the pot…..

IMG_4460 Added a pound of spinach……..


Once that was all cooked down that’s it!




Well too bad…..we are having soup

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