Interval Run and Backyard Business

What a beautiful day it was yesterday! Finally a Saturday off work that was warm and sunny! I was so excited to see that my rhubarb has grown a lot this week! At least all that rain was good for something!!


The yard is looking rough right now, but a couple weeks and we will have it all fixed up!
IMG_4110The grass is so patchy! Definitely needs some grass seed and fertilizer!



For yesterday’s run I wanted to do 5kms of interval sprints……I did 400 Meter sprints with 30 second rests. I did 10 sets with a half km warm up and a half km cool down. It was a good run and I am definitely feeling it today!



Next Sunday is my first race of the year. The Brantford Classic   It is just a 5K, fun run that I am doing with a few friends. I am looking forward to it though!

After the run I had some of the left over sweet potatoes with peppers, onions and black beans……Yum


After lunch we headed out on a mission to find the off set patio umbrellas for the backyard. After going to 27 different places we finally bought the ones we looked at in the very first store……….of course…..

So Shane has a little task to put them both together today! And since he is about as handy as a nun in a strip club……it should only take him until dinner time……..on Tuesday



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