I Run like a Girl……and I love it!

I LOVE THIS WEATHER! It has been so nice for the past few days and it just makes me want to be outside all the time. I was able to beg convince my friend Julie to go for a trail run with me after work today!

I got home from work and grabbed a quick snack because I knew we weren’t running until 5pm so I couldn’t hold out that long!


Been craving this stuff so I finally had a small bowl with some almond milk! My favorite pre run treat! Then I was off to get my nails done before meeting Julie at her Mothers house. Julies mom said she would watch the little one (Julie’s son) so we could go running!


Julie is a great person to run with! She is a great pace runner and challenges me…….Love when she runs with me!  We are lucky to live near some great running trails. To get to the trails you have to go down this huge set of stairs! It is always pretty busy, with people exercising…..running/walking up and down these stairs!

Part of the set of stairs!

I get nervous going down these bad boys…..I always feel like I am one step away from disaster…….


Ugh…..I am the most clumsy person in the world!

We ran into a few guys that we know, they were on their 5th set! Yikes!

Julie hasn’t been running that much so she wanted to just do a 5k run…..sounded good to me! I was a bit sore from the 10k run yesterday…..so 5k it was! The first 2.5 k was up hill, but it was a nice steady not too drastic incline. We held a good pace and made great time to the half way point! We turned around and headed back…..stopping to snap a few pics around the 3.5k point! I had to the scenery was so nice!



We wrapped up the run with our final KM being a 4:40KM (7:30Mile pace)!!!! I haven’t ran this pace in a couple years so it is great to be hitting these times again! Maybe I have a chance to win my bets after all!


Little things make me happy……I am pretty easy to please…..especially considering my athletic ability is about that of a chubby penguin…….


We kinda walk the same way too…..weird…….

My best friend send me this today


…..it is a well known fact that I have a hard time just walking let alone doing anything athletic……Remember when I fell in my driveway before I even started running the other day……..



We headed back up the stairs to end the workout!



Overall it was a good run! If only I could get Julie to run more with me! Maybe I can bribe her with homemade Protein Bars!!


2 thoughts on “I Run like a Girl……and I love it!

  1. Ohhhhh somebody’s rocking the fast pace in her final KM … way to go!!! Toast Crunch is the bomb!!! Nice to hear you are getting a break with the weather 🙂


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