Sun, sun…..glorious sun

I managed to get through my weekend at work…….


Seriously……it is a lot of walking at work…….And I had the bright idea to take Overtime Monday(today) and Tuesday (tomorrow) but only 6am-2pm.


Make it rainnn………

Ahywhoo…….Getting home nice and early was great. I had to wait a little bit before I went for my run because I drank way to much liquid before I left work and I knew if I went right away I would cramp up. I packed up our lunches for tomorrow and did a little clean up around the house.



By 3 I was ready to get out there! It was sunny and 21C/70F! AMAZING! Still pretty windy but not as bad as the other day. 42KM/26Miles/hr……I decided to do the same run as I did Friday  to see if I could cut any time off the same route with a warmer/slightly less wind tunnel kinda day!

I started off a bit faster for those first 4 sucky Km’s today, averaging 5:55-6:00 minutes for the first 3 Km. I was feeling really strong, so I picked up my pace and finally hit a stride I haven’t been able to hit in a long time. I think I got a bit ahead of myself and definitely thought I was in better shape then I actually am……..

How I felt from 3-8 km

I felt great for 5 Km’s! Averaging 5:10-5:15km (8:18-8:26 Mile) pace…..Not too shabby! I guess I overdid it a bit and ended up running out of steam at 8Km and slowing back down to a 5:45km pace……The thing is that a couple years ago I could hold that fast pace for 20+km no problem! Slowly but surely I will get it back!

How I felt for the last 2 km’s!

Maybe I am being dramatic, but still! Overall  I was able to cut over 2 minutes of the run…..


This is how I actually looked at the end of the run……a totally unnecessary selfie ……



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