I run because it’s good for me…….also because I like to eat…..and drink…..a lot

Holy F Bomb windy again……I don’t know what is going on around here but I don’t like it! It finally stopped raining so I got out ASAP for my run as it looked like it might start pouring again any minute.

I popped a power ball


I bundled up and got outside. I could barley pull my front door shut the wind was so strong. 51 km/per hour (32 miles) winds……When is this madness going to stop!!

Pre-Run…..I could barley open my eyes !


My eyes were watering the whole run and I got hit in the face with blowing debris a few times. That was fun. I kept expecting to see a scene like this at any time…..

ozAs the wind was coming from the west I made my route around running into the wind for the first half. Basically I felt like I was pushing a wall the first 4 km’s. Despite all this I still felt pretty good. Even though it took my 58 minutes to do the run I am counting at least 3 minutes for weather conditions.  Especially since my second half or the run was so great! My last couple km’s were a 5:15/min pace!

Looking forward to running after work this weekend…..especially since I hopefully won’t have to contend with the crazy winds for the next few days!


Finished my meal prep for the next few days and I am all ready to work the first sunny/warm weather weekend of the year…..Great!



3 thoughts on “I run because it’s good for me…….also because I like to eat…..and drink…..a lot

  1. Well somebody’s a total boss lady! 32mph winds are no joke! My only marathon was in that type of madness so I applaud you for getting out there and putting in work 🙂


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