wiawSince my food tends to be the same most days I don’t want to bore you to tears posting the same food every week……


I thought posting pictures of new or actually interesting dishes would be a better way to go about this…. Just go with it….mmmm…..k?

I was in the Bulk Barn the other day, well two Bulk Barns actually……. I managed to get kicked out of the first one and had to go to another one that was out of my way. (Don’t ask) I was picking up White Chocolate and Sprinkles for the cake pops but somehow managed to come out with tons of spices and a bunch of other things. I picked up a pulled pork spice (probably full of salt but whatever it smelled great!) I thought it would be good for a pulled Chicken.

I chopped up some onions and garlic, and threw them in the slow cooker with some of my home made Tomato sauce preserves (from last year) the pulled pork spice a dehydrated pepper and let it cook away.

Made 32 L last fall



Once it was cooked I took out the chicken and shredded it with two forks and threw it back in until all the liquid cooked down.

Yum…..Served with Grilled Broccoli for a work dinner this week.


Cinnamon Roll Protein Pancakes with Vanilla Protein Greek Yogurt

IMG_2575Egg White with Peppers and Spinach

plantin pancake

And my favorite….Plantain Bread

Plantain Bread

  • 1 VERY ripe Plantain
  • 1 egg + 1 egg White
  • Blend until totally smooth
  • Bake in 9×9 pan at 350C until set (about 1 min)

I love this plain or with Peanut Butter post workout especially……

I also may or may not have inhaled about 87 of these bad boys…..


At least they are the minis!!

Just because I worked all weekend doesn’t mean I wasn’t able to get my dirty little mitts on some Easter Chocolate ……..God I love Easter Chocolate. It is probably my most favorite time of the year for candy….

lucyThis is my dream job…….

Annnddddd…….one more thing!

Shane so nicely brought me home a Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurry. I am pretty sure he was just sick and tired of watching me drool over the commercials.


I ate about half of the small….it was just ok. Totally did not live up to what I was hoping for.

Those were my Easter Treats……What do you want from me…..A Limited Time Only folks! I had to!

Just a update about my 10K race. I continued to talk shit today to two of the guys I am up against

Talking-shitI have now decided I will just have to start mean muggin’ them and see if a little intimidation will scare them a bit……either that or take out their knees in a freak parking lot accident.


Here is my Game Face…..I was practising after the gym today…..I think it might work

6 thoughts on “WIAW #2

  1. Ohhhh nice game face lol … I’d totally be scared to toe the line next to ya’ 😛 and okie dokie … you’re wanting warmer weather so I’m thinking you should come Florida and be my personal chef and I could train you ha! You have some of best eats lol 🙂 and you’re still smack talking haha! LOVE IT!!! I can’t wait for this race recap.


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