Working all weekend sucks

I hope everyone had a great Easter. I worked all weekend and unfortunately I got Zero yummy Easter dinner……


But don’t worry, I did manage to make myself a indulgent Apple Martini after work to enjoy while I watched Big Brother…..


I am supposed to be starting 5 days off today but I picked up an Overtime shift tomorrow.


Going to get out there today and do a 10k run, even though its freezing…..AGAIN! See I have quite a few runs coming up and one of them in particular I must be ready for! The Sporting Life 10 K on May 10. About 6 people that I work closely with are also running it. I may or may not have opened my huge mouth and made not one but TWO bets that I will beat certain people…..Do you ever talk and even as you are saying the words you want to take them back? Yeah……well welcome to my life!! Talked wayyyy to much shit this weekend!

shut it

My motivation behind these stupid friendly bets was that they will motivate me to get my butt out these and train! But they just got a bit out of control and the wagers got a little high!


So now that I can not get out of these bets I have no choice but to win. So I have about one month to get up to par!

Hopefully finally getting music put onto my Sony cordless MP3 player will help my runs. I have been using my phone for my music for a while since I broke my old MP3 player. And using the phone is just annoying. I am so sick of the cord and the arm band it is distracting. These new ones are light weight and fit great. Today will be my first run with them, even though I got them for my Birthday last August!


Today is meal prep day for the week, so you know like it or not I will be doing another post later today!


5 thoughts on “Working all weekend sucks

  1. Bring on another post!!! I’m not scurrrred haha! lol 😛 ohhhhh you were smack co-workers … I love it!! Now you have to me accountable. I hope you like the Sony Wireless headset. I had the Meb version but sold it because it kept falling out of my ears but don’t let that horror story scare you almost nothing stays in my ears lol. I love the concept, they just didn’t work for me. I love the cat meme too haha! I hope you’ll be getting some paper from those co-workers you challenged. 😉


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