12 KM run, Easter Cupcakes and Cream Eggs oh my…….

Up at 7 this morning with a million things to do on my day off…..Ugg….TGIF tomorrow……NOT


After Breakfast and Coffee, I started making Cupcakes for tomorrow (More on that later)…..

I was holding out for it to warm out as promised by the Weather Channel…….


18C / 65F my ass…….I finally just said screw it and left for my 12K run


Here we go! It was just one of those terrible run days. I wasn’t feeling it at all! My legs felt heavy and nothing was going smoothly.


I picked a new route that I haven’t went before just to mix it up a bit……Big mistake…..The hills I knew about, fine, but it was all the other obstacles that were the problem. From no sidewalks for the majority of the run (which I don’t mind if there is at least a gravel shoulder to run on), to major spring construction, not to mention the insane wind that was trying to carry me away! But then tragedy struck……..my music died at KM 8!


Now most runners will know that this is not ok. I almost had a break down. But I was able to push through and finish the run!


12 KM in 1 HR and 12 MIN…Not my best day…..but it is what it is!

I had a ton of meal prep to get done for the weekend as well as 3 Dozen Cupcakes that a couple of girls from work had ordered from me for Easter. I grabbed all the supplies at the Bulk Barn except for the little licorice sticks I use for the handles, and the only place that has these is Wal-Mart. While at Wal-Mart I got lost and happened to wander through the Easter Candy Isles…… oops…..I just happened to stumble across these…..


ummm…..You have to be kidding me!

excitedI love Cadbury Cream Eggs!!!! So I did what any rational person would do…..I bought 4 packs……


judge me

When all is said and done it was a productive and healthy day overall.

Dinner was a Turkey Burger with no bun and some Green Beans and some Plantain I cooked up (in coconut oil) before they went bad……Delish



Cupcakes are finished ……

Easter Basket Cupcakes


All done!

I am just now sitting down with a glass of Wine to enjoy the last bit of the evening!


Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “12 KM run, Easter Cupcakes and Cream Eggs oh my…….

  1. Way to power through that run chica! And ummm … I think Florida stole your promised warm weather by the way lol 😉 first shirtless run of 2015 this morning and I was drenched by the end of it. Blasted humidity … UGH! It’s gonna be a “hawt” summer lol.


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