Food prep, a shoulder workout, a little mussel and it’s still friggin freezing here…….

Since I work 12 hour days I eat all my meals at work on work days. I start at 6 am, so that means up at 4:10am. This makes for A LOT of meal prep. When it comes to my work meals I stay super basic and boring. Mostly eating the same thing every day. I would rather have my tasty healthy foods for my days off. It works for me. For Shane I get more creative with his work meals, because he wouldn’t eat so healthy if he was eating grilled chicken and broccoli every day like I do.

He is more likely to get a coconut chicken curry or a quinoa salad. Not the tasteless stuff I eat.

Plain Grilled Chicken
Roasted Broccoli

After my 6-6 yesterday I went to my work gym for a quick 40 minute weight workout. I mostly worked my shoulders.


I love a good shoulder work out. I am really trying to keep up my weight training up when all I really want to do is run right now.

It’s almost a mussel……

Just thought I’d share this obnoxious selfie….why not right?!



Just a side note……

Summer is never coming to Toronto. It sure feels that way …….sigh


Is it warm where you are? If so I’m so jealous……..

10 thoughts on “Food prep, a shoulder workout, a little mussel and it’s still friggin freezing here…….

  1. Ummm I might be one of those you’d thunder punch hahaha! Florida is typically brutal when it come to heat. Even the elite runners that come here to run talk about it. I know your are frigid up there when the a calling for low temps in the 50’s here over the weekend. 12 hour days eh’ … what do you do for work?? And look at you flexing your gun 😉 Love the “how I look when I go to the gym” meme 🙂

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  2. I live in the UK, so we don’t see weather any where near what you’d call ‘warm’. Currently the highest temperature I’ve seen is around 15 degrees Celsius. I’d love to run, hoping that following your blog may make me more motivated to try!


  3. OMG that pic from Full House is totally me when I get to the gym! LOL! I am trying to incorporate weight training. I really just love getting on the treadmill with my tunes and going for it. Here’s hoping I can learn to love weights as much!


    • I was laughing at the Michelle one as well!! Love it! I agree. It’s sooo much easier to just jump on the treadmill and go. Sometimes just planning a weights workout is more exhausting then actually doing. It! But info like the results so it pushes me to keep going!!

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  4. It’s only 1 degree Celsius (33 Fahrenheit) here in the Stockholm area (Sweden) and it’s raining so nope no nice summer weather here. I can’t wait for spring to finally arrive! I’m new to WordPress and excited to read your blog, thanks for checking out mine!


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