Toenails are for Sissies

I remember seeing this sign being held up by someone on my very first half marathon and I started laughing to myself……Love it!


As soon as I increase my to over 25 miles a week I start losing toenails…..



If you aren’t a runner you might say gross, but I know a lot of you are giggling cause you know exactly what I mean here.

This isn’t as bad as it gets at all but still not pretty to look at. When I was last marathon training I had approximately 6.4 toe nails left by race day……..

I do like seeing the look on the poor ladies face when I go in for a pedicure and whip there puppies out……yikes

I am not sure if this means my shoes are too big, too small, too tight ect….Maybe its how I am stepping….I don’t know. But it sure does make it hard to rock a peep toe.

If anyone has any tips to prevent/heal this I would love to know so I don’t have to stick my toes in the sand all summer!

5 thoughts on “Toenails are for Sissies

  1. Bahaha! Sorry, that’s just wrong going for a pedi and freaking those poor nail techs out lol :P. Sorry no tips here. I have fortunately only lost one toenail in my running days.


  2. I feel your pain! I’ve sacrificed a few toenails to training and running. I’m sure the ladies at my nail salon cringe when I come in, but the fewer the toenails, the less work for them to do, right? šŸ˜‚šŸ˜„

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