6km Run Outside….Finally!!


I finally got the balls nerve to go outside for a run. I HATE the cold!! It was great to be off that darn treadmill!

Things I always forget while running on the treadmill all winter

  1. I am not as fast as the treadmill makes me think I am
  2. I hate hills
  3. I hate wind

I did 6km. I wasn’t wanting to go to far, as this is my 5th day in a row.  I am just happy I was able to get outside and run.

The first 3 km were great! Music was flowing, I was floating along. Until I turned a corner for the uphill portion of the run and got sucker punched in the face by the wind. I felt like a Jack Russell with my head out the car window!


Truthfully it is such a great feeling. The fresh air, the sun shining. I really do love running and am glad I have made it a part of my life!  Now that I have a bench mark for my actual running condition….I know what I need to work on.(Hills and endurance) before these races I have scheduled.


7 thoughts on “6km Run Outside….Finally!!

  1. JEALOUS! I got out this whole week and last night? TWO MORE INCHES OF SNOW! And it’s still snowing today. I guess I’ll have another awkward and terrible date with the dreadmill. I thought we had broken up for good. Smash those hills girl!


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