Krazy Glue saves lives

Yesterday was a nice day off! After running on the hamster wheel treadmill for 4 miles, we headed to Costco. My blender decided to go kaput on me the other day and I can’t live without one. Of course I would LOVE to get a vitamix but I don’t really want to spend $500-$700 on a blender. I have a few friends who have the Ninja and say it works great. I looked all over trying to find the 1500 watt/2.5 horsepower one but apparently Canadian’s don’t need blenders that strong and the American web sites all refused to ship it to me!! rudeI ended up getting the blender / food processor. I took it home, washed it all up……..Excited to get it all put together and use it…..Then the damn thing cut me!! SOBAt least I know its sharp! After I cut myself it was bleeding like crazy…….so I did what any normal person would do…..After it FINALLY stopped bleeding, I krazy glued that sucker shut….Good idea!……Right????…..I work the next three days in a row….7-7.


2 thoughts on “Krazy Glue saves lives

  1. We should establish a system where us Americans can ship you the things you need (Ninjas) and, in exchange, you can send us beer with an appropriate amount of alcohol in it and all those cute Canada only LuLuLemon designs.


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