Interval workouts and car pooling

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

I hope everyone made it through St Patrick’s Day ok and that no one woke up to ashamed of their selves! ……Although I used to love drinking at the pub, starting at noon, dressed in tacky dollar store green beads, hats and what not……I stayed home this year!


Nothing like waking up in a ditch with a green beer moustache and a short chubby guy that last night was able to convince you he was a Leprechaun! (Again not judging!)


I worked Monday and Tuesday at the zoo 7-7. Long days. But I was able car pool wit KFG which always makes my drive go faster! And we were able to work out on our lunch break both days! We did interval training both days.I usually use the work gym after work as I usually work 6-6 so it isn’t as busy as it is mid-day but we still managed. I set the treadmill to 7.0-8.0 miles and 10.0 incline the first day and did 1 minute sprints in between super sets. It was a back and shoulder day on Monday.Tuesday was intervals again but I kept a flat incline and did 2 minute sprints ranging from 8.5-9.5 mph in between super sets Tuesday was bicep and chest day.


Being a shift worker has it’s advantages as I am off today and tomorrow, but on the down side I work all weekend! Friday -Sunday 7-7….yuck!

Speed run today, aiming for 4 miles. Tomorrow will be the long slow run day.

Why isn’t it summer yet?


One thought on “Interval workouts and car pooling

  1. I hear ya! Still running in the dark, avoiding ice patches and growling at the snud–what I call this disgusting east coast snow/mud combo. Just relocated from out west where it’s all powder and sunshine. :(. Get it girl with your hot leggins and gym selfies!


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