Quiet Saturday Night = Early Sunday Morning

Yesterday was a rest day. Felt good after Fridays 10 Miles but still decided to give myself a day off. Last night I was craving Pad Thai, but wasn’t willing to splurge on the calories. Decided to make a salad for us that would maybe remind me enough of Pad Thai without being terrible for us.Salad

  • Bed of Baby Spinach
  • Bean Sprouts
  • Grilled Chicken

Warm Dressing

  • Chicken Broth (no salt added)
  • Tamari
  • PB2
  • Garlic
  • Saracha

Cook down until the Peanut Sauce thickens, pour over salad and toss. It did the trick for a fraction of the calories!

In bed by 930 last night…..jeez somebody should have an intervention….I am out of control!

Ahhh….Early Sunday Morning! How I love Sundays! (Well when I am not working at the zoo anyways)  Here I sit….Blogging and Drinking Coffee! Its a great day!

Don’t be jealous…..You too can have this look just by wearing no make up and NOT brushing your hair for a couple days!

Totally put my gym clothes on at 7 am even though I have ZERO intention of stepping foot out of this house anytime in the A.M.! It is Sunday after all!

Today is a 5 Mile sprint run on the Treadmill

untitledIs it warm out yet? Gotta love these Canadian Winters! sigh……….

Damn……Now I am out of coffee!



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