My little garden 

The promise of spring right around the corner definitely has me excited about putting in my garden. This will be my second year. I know it’s just little (6ft x 12ft) but the amount of time I spent and the joy it gave me…. It’s priceless.

I started my seeds inside (a bit too early but I was so excited!)

A friend of ours dug out the garden and me and a friend built the frame!!

My boyfriend was nice enough to move a million wheeles barrows of dirt to the back yard and fill it up!!

Here it is once I planted everything! Sooo cute!!

Foolish me I thought I hadn’t planted enough for the size of the garden!  Within a few weeks I had a full blown jungle on my hands !

I had to put up this ugly chicken wire fence because apparently Peter Effin Cotton Tail had a death wish and thought I had out out a buffet for him….. Jerk!

Once it really took off I couldn’t stop watching it grow!

So friggin cute eh!!

And once the harvest started to come in we had more produce then we could handle for 2+ months!!!

So worth it!!!!


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