10k kind of day

Completed 10k on the Treadmill today.

Yes boring…..

But necessary!

Saturday night we hit up Brassaii for a co-workers going away party……..Delicious


(Dress from H&M)

15 gals on the town….We went all class at Brassaii, so obviously we went totally dirt squirrel  at the club we decided to go to The Citizen for a little dancing. After almost getting into a fight dancing my little heart out and doing 27 shots of tequila chatting over a glass of wine, we headed back to the hotel, grabbing a small snack on the way……..(ok ok so a poutine and a hot dog big enough to choke a horse isn’t a small snack……don’t judge me, I am not proud of myself). Finally getting to bed around 5am and back up four hours later to drive home. I definitely will be paying all week for that night out.


Running plan this week

So far

3.5 miles Monday

6.5 miles Tuesday


13 miles Friday

5 miles Sunday

Total 28 miles


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